Saturday, August 18, 2007

One Stop For Breastfeeding...

Hi, I’m Frances, the founder and manager of Breastmates. My business is an online store that focuses on breastfeeding products – to make life a little more comfortable for new mums. I have a huge range of “booby products” available, many of which are new and exclusive, modern products to aid a mother's breastfeeding time. Plus I have the gorgeous HOTmilk bras which are a fabulous way for mums to feel sexy and glamorous again while also breastfeeding. (Has it really taken this long for such a product to be designed?!!)

I created this business when I developed reusable wool and hemp breast pads. This product came about because I wanted to use natural products, but also ones that were affordable. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I created my own (with a lot of development, engineering and testing along the way). These pads have fantastic natural healing properties, absorb leaks, are easy to care for, etc etc.

The breast pads were the start, and I now have over 40 different products. I decided to make this a specialty breastfeeding store after receiving so much BAD advice from baby shops – one particular experience stands out, when I was served by a bored teenager who really had no idea what I wanted. But now after 2.5 years I am in a position where I can run this from home, I learn about all the products that I sell (and use them) so that I can give independent and informed advice to mothers that need some help. I am also working on loads of PR campaigns and am proud to be promoting breastfeeding in a positive and modern way, for today’s women.

I never envisaged that I would create a breastfeeding business, and that my life would take this path, but it works for me and I LOVE it. I was lucky that I was able to breastfeed my son. It was a bit of learning curve in those first two weeks, but after that it was a dream. I loved just talking those quiet minutes to sit and watch him, and count all his eyelashes!

Thanks Frances for taking the time to tell us about your unique business. It's great to hear that you're working to support breastfeeders and promote it to the general public. To visit France's great store go to

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OM said...

I have to say thankyou - it's businesses like yours that make mine and others breastfeeding experience that much more easier and comfortable.

Thankyou again.

PS I love your products!