Friday, August 24, 2007

Mastitis – Just Too Many Times

I thought I was going to die. Two weeks after the birth of my third child I lay in bed consumed with pain and fear, dripping with fever. My number was up, so I believed. This was the eleventh or twelfth time I had had mastitis, but the first time I had become delusional.
In amidst the tears and feelings of devastating loss I pleaded to the ceiling and beyond to let me live. And then I bargained…if you let me live I promise I will do something, something that will make a difference to breastfeeding women.

As I was getting over that horrible bout of mastitis I trawled the mother and baby books yearning for more support - both practical and emotional - than the measly, vague offerings they dedicated to mastitis. I needed and wanted more! And so it was that the seed of the book began.

Over the following year I became determined to share all that I had learned and to collect the words of other mothers so that there was ‘something’ there to fill the void that I had felt so keenly that last and final time I had mastitis.

‘Mama’s Word’ came about in the spirit of days gone by when womanly wisdom was passed on from one generation to the next, by word of mouth. I am passionate that we, as mothers, share our stories without skipping over the raw edges and the sticky bits. It is in the sharing that we can link up and lighten our load.

Charlotte is a mother of mother of three; you can find out more about her book at

Thanks Charlotte for stopping by today to tell us about your bf experiences and your new book! As someone who has suffered from mastitis over and over again, I know how depilitating it can be and think your book is brilliant.

If anyone has any of their own tips for how to cope with or avoid mastitis then please let us know (in the comments section of this post).

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