Friday, August 17, 2007


My daughters face remains the same
as the day she was born
She is larger,
Longer limbed.
But when she is sleeping, her mouth still suckles,
lips and tongue dreaming of my breast.
When I look at her
I am back there
The smell of hospital, of that day, that week,
When we met.
That precious babyhood.
Already faded and Elusive.
I find it hiding in my daughters face.


This gorgeous poem was inspired by the breastfeeding experience of Meme, the mother of three girls, all of whom she breastfed for at least three years (number three is still going). Meme joined the Australian Breastfeeding Association around the time she was pregnant with herfirst baby and simply never stopped going to their group meetings. She is active in her group now, giving as much back to the association, as what she feels they gave to her.

Meme became passionate about breastfeeding as an issue while her first daughter was a baby, when she read the classic book 'The Politics of Breastfeeding' and now considers herself a luscious lactavist.

Thanks Meme for sharing your beautiful poem with us. Breastfeeding has inspired so many good things in so many people... this month I have more artists sharing their breastfeeding inspired work, so keep checking back!

If you consider yourself a lactivist, please comment in the comments section on this post! I'd love to hear about any acts of lactivism you've been involved in.

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OM said...

Oh Meme - that poem was lovely, you are such an inspiration.