Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cover Star!

Hi, I'm Fay and its my baby (and nipple :) ) that appears on the front coverof this wonderful book.

I have had a lots of experiences breastfeeding my three children. They were all unique and sometimes frustrating but always very wonderful and fulfilling. When my first baby was born, it was totally normal for me to put her to the breast. No one had told me about it or what I should do, but luckily she felt the same way I did and we just got on with it.This however was not to last as she started breast aversion at about four months. I had no idea what was going on because we had had no problems up until that point. She would attach pull back and scream!!

I went to see anumber of people and unfortunately got some bad advice. I was told my childwas using me as a dummy and I should put her on a strict schedule, so thatshe was hungry when I fed her. She would not refuse then.

Well, as you can imagine this did not help one bit and only served to reduce my milk flow to zero. After two months of fighting her every feed she was eventually out onto formula full time. But I had learnt a valuable lesson. Sometimes you need to trust your own instinct over a professional opinion.

My second fed like a fiend. He was a big boy and wanted to feed or screamall day. (Haven’t we all been there?) I got exhausted but we persisted andwith the help of ABA, I stuck with it and we continued to breastfeed until hewas a year old. Another lesson learnt: a 1 hour feed may be exhausting but a5 minute feed stresses you out :) go with the flow.

By baby three, I thought I knew it all. He again was a fabulous feeder but a lot more placid compared to my second. However, I developed thrush on my nipples and he in his mouth. The pain was so excruciating, I contemplated giving up feeding a number of times. Thank goodness some good advice and the right treatment and we were away. We breastfed for nearly two whole years before we mutually decided it was time to move on. During that time we took part in university trials and did school demostrations. It was a wonderful time and I truely learnt to trust my body and my baby.

Now with baby number 4 due to arrive a couple of months and with the knowledge and support I have obtained through the years I reckon we could feed for years :) But you know everyday has its challenges but I am open to them and ready to fight them.

I love to breastfeed and I love seeing others do it to. It is such a natural process for me and I feel blessed that I have provided all my children with its love and nourishment.

Fay; mother of the beautiful baby on the cover of Breastfeeders Anonymous!
Thanks Fay for providing your story and your wonderful photo! I wish you well with baby number four and hope you find breastfeeding a thoroughly amazing experience for the both of you!
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