Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keeping track of breastfeeds...

I decided to breastfeed my babies well before they were born, and after a few initial setbacks with my first child, I was anxious but determined to try again with my second. This time it worked well! However, due to lack of sleep, not being eductated enough on breastfeeding and being unable to find a decent way to track what side, what time or how long they’d breastfeed (my babies were ‘demand’ feeders), breastfeeding became frustrating for me.
I was not looking forward to breastfeeding my next child and wanted a logical solution to some of my breastfeeding issues.

In January 2005 my sister-in-law called me, upset by the same issues that I’d faced while breastfeeding and not wanting her to stop, I decided then and there to come up with a solution. The idea of Milk Bands was born.

Milk Bands are rubber bracelets (in a gorgeous array of colour) that help breastfeeding mums keep an accurate nursing log of their baby’s feeds without the hassles of having to make written records or remember to swap pins, watches or bracelets from side to side. Milk Bands incorporate many features to make feeding and the things associated with it easier.

Since then many of my friends and family have benefited from Milk Bands and now people all around the globe are also using them.

Jenny – is the creator of Milk Bands and is also the mother of three beautiful children, with another on the way.

Thanks Jenny for telling us a bit about your inspiration to create Milk Bands. I personally adore this product – in fact, I only showcase products on this site that I really believe in. To find out more about Milk Bands or your nearest retailer, check out the website at

REQUEST: If you have a breastfeeding product you really found useful, please comment on the blog or email me ( the details… I’m always looking for more GOOD products to showcase. And, please don’t forget I’m always on the lookout for personal stories…

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OM said...

I used these bands and found them fantastic, especially in my sleep deprived early days.