Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making memories...

Today I'm pleased to have Gab, a proud breastfeeding mumma, sharing some of her special photos.

I LOVE breastfeeding photos and can't recommend highly enough the value of taking them while you're still breastfeeding. They are the most beautiful pics to look back on... My book has almost thirty gorgeous pics but I'd love to put many more in subsequent print runs, so if you have any of your own you'd like to share, please email me at info@breastfeedersanonymous.blogspot.com

The first pic I have attached is one that I consider to represent the modern breastfeeding mum - working from home with the flexibility to breastfeed on demand :D This pic shows me at work on the pc, pushing my chair away from the computer having just given my daughter Te Aroha a quick feed, or perhaps in the middle of one of these snacky feeds, which she used to do every15 mins or so at times.. she'd just wander over and climb up on me to latch on for a quick suck and then she'd be off again... :D Love thesememories. Love how working from home meant i could totally demand feed as well. All our needs were met. She self weaned when she was just over 2yrs of age and I demand fed for this entire period.

It was a big part of the reason i didn't return to work in my previous job - while they provided a room for expressing milk, how could i give my baby those little quick feeds they love to snack on during the day if i didn't have them right there WITH me able to access the breast? I'm sure you know exactly what i mean :D I remember thinking at the time, 'the day i can take her to work and feed her, is the day i will go back to work for someone else'.

The second picture is her very last breastfeed.. in March this year when she was 26mths old. We were so lucky to get a snap of that feed as we weren't to know it was her last. As you can see I just love breastfeeding.. my face says it all, there's so much unspoken communication going on there between the two of us that it makes me teary seeing it (i am pregnant and allowed to have an overflow of emotions and gushiness hehe).

The third picture is my daughter asleep in a ring sling in the midst of a very noisy birthday party for my then 3 yo son. Despite the noise and the fact she's sleeping through it, there's those intermittent tiny suck suck sucks and she's still latched on tight... like she loved to be. A feeling of total bliss and safety for them.. all their needs being metwhile being snuggled in a sling and held on the breast.

Gab; is a work at home mum to two and a half kids, 4yrs, 2yrs and a new bub arriving in December. In 2003 she started her own business after having herson Julian and began importing textiles for modern cloth nappies.For more information about Gab's business visit her website at http://www.bubbaearth.com/m/

Thanks Gab for sharing these special memories!

Also, just wanted to say thanks for those who are leaving comments - it's nice to know someone's reading all my posts!


OM said...

I never did take many photo's of my breastfeeding journey with my son. I do regret not doing that now - and am making up for it with my daughter. But, a part of me is sad that I have only a small handful of photo's to look back on that represent my sons 2 1/2 years of breastfeeding.

Rachael Blair said...

Hey Om
I took didn't take many photos with number one and tried to more so with number two, but I still wish I'd taken more. Now, everytime the camera comes near him, he latches off and looks up!

OM said...

Rach - maybe your little man thinks you want alot of photo's of your nipples so that in the future you can look back and think how in hell were they able to stretch sooo much lol ;-)

You sound like you have a very photogenic little one on your hands also.

mumkim said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them. You have inspired me to ask my husband to take more photos of me feeding my daughter. She is now 8 months old and I just love feeding her. I plan on feeding her until she wants to wean. I hope it is still ages away cause I will really miss it when she does.

Rachael Blair said...

Hey Mumkin - thanks for dropping by! I checked out your space on Minti - looks great! If you'd like to share your story on breastfeeding on this site, please just email me at info@breastfeedersanonymous.com