Monday, August 20, 2007

Becoming a mother...

I always wanted to be able to breastfeed. The idea that I could provide everything my baby needed for happiness and survival was amazing to me.

I was confident throughout my pregnancy that I would be the ‘perfect mother’. The reality, of course, was quite different and after the initial shock came the cracked nipples, sleepless nights, social isolation and long hours alone each day. Motherhood certainly wasn’t everything it seemed to be in those glossy parenting magazines and I felt somewhat less than perfect.

But I stuck with it, and with time we became a team, understanding each other without words, knowing how best to respond to certain cries, how to read the tired signs and how to attach correctly. I also learnt how to overcome isolation through being a part of ABA and playgroup.
My challenges in those early days gave me a real insight into many of the issues new mothers face. With this understanding I knew that somehow I had to do what I could to help other new mums.

I am now president of non-profit organisation Mothers Helping Others, which was recently nominated for the Pride of Australia award in the category of community spirit. We believe that we can help local children and families by supporting mothers. Some of our recent projects have included improving our local playground to provide mothers with a relaxing place to enjoy time with their children and socialize with other mums. We also hold social ‘girls nights out’ to raise awareness of the need for mums to make time for themselves, have recently held a photography workshop to encourage mums’ creativity, we have a young parents’ playgroup and we are also addressing the need for improved parenting facilities for our area. In 2008 we also hope to run a range of parenting courses on topics like baby massage, relaxation strategies, settling techniques and nutrition.

I congratulate Rachael for her courage and initiative on embarking on this project and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this book for taking the time to support new mums during this sometimes challenging yet immensely rewarding and unforgettable time of their lives.
Peace Mitchell
Mothers Helping Others

Thanks Peace for giving us an insight into your journey into motherhood and beyond. I think the work you and the other Mothers at MHO do is amazing and I only hope that through my book, I can also offer new mums some support during a time when it's much needed.
The photo on this page is of Peace and the other mums from Mothers Helping Others.

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