Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Easy feeding...

Hi everyone, my name is Bree Tinecheff and I'm the Director of Easy Feed Pty Ltd & The Breastfeeding Blanket™ Pty Ltd.

Breastfeeding my first two children was one of the most satisfying and rewarding things I have ever done. However, I found that in certain situations, breastfeeding in public was not always easy. Initially, I felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. I wasn’t coordinated at all and did have some discomfort breastfeeding; initially learning how to attach my baby properly to the breast. Nevertheless, I was certain from the start that I was definitely going to breastfeed my babies because of the benefits to their health and development.

In public, although feeding rooms were usually a common facility, I did not find them convenient or desirable. I personally felt very lonely sitting in a feeding room with my new baby for at least an hour by myself. Because of these feelings, I manufactured a wrap which I used to breastfeed in public. The wrap was the best tool during my nursing period and allowed me to incorporate breastfeeding into my lifestyle.

I was so passionate about assisting other women, confronted with these same obstacles, that I refined my wrap and invented what I now call EasyFeed - The Breastfeeding Blanket. Nearly a mother of three, I have put my heart and soul into The Breastfeeding Blanket and therefore helping other women to breastfeed confidently and comfortably. I hope that, through my product, many breastfeeding Mum’s may enjoy the experience and bonding time as much as I have.

Bree (Bree is a mum of two, with another one on the way; she is also an inventor;

Thanks Bree for sharing your story.

If you haven't seen the Easy Feed, check out the pics on this post- it's fantastic for those a little shy of feeding in public and it looks so luxurious. The EasyFeed Breastfeeding Blanket wraps around the feeding mother, covering the breast, stomach and back area that are usually exposed while feeding. It's the only blanket in world to cover the entire upper torso (including the breast, back and stomach) whilst simultaneously allowing eye contact to be maintained whilst feeding your baby.

Speaking of feeding in public, I'd love to hear from any readers about any aspect of feeding in public... so comment away!
*Contest 2 - don't forget I'm running another contest to win a copy of Breastfeeders Anonymous. See post below for details...


Anonymous said...

I found the thought breastfeeding in public a real challenge and daunting. Seen as I'm a young mother I thought I would struggle to feel comfortable feeding in a public place or in front of the extended family. As a baby shower gift I was given one of the Easyfeed Breastfeeding Blankets. This made me feel very comfortable and it made me feel close to my baby. I would highly recommend it to any breastfeeding mum.
Thanks Bree for making my public feeds easier.

Anonymous said...

I think these blankets or shawls are reinforcing the stereotype that breastfeeding is supposed to be secret. Its not secret, its important to show others that its NORMAL to flop your boobs out where ever and when ever they are needed.

Rachael Blair said...

Interesting comments gals... and I agree that Breastfeding is normal, but the fact is some people don't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. If this is the case, isn't it good that they can use a product that helps them feed their baby, wherever, whenever and be comfortable?

Anonymous said...

In addition to Racheals comments to ananymous above. I agree that not everyone feels comfortable feeding in public. Why do we all have to be the same? Additionally, I think that we also need to remember that Australia is a multicultural society. Should we tell those women its "NORMAL to flop your boobs out where ever and when ever they are needed"? Breastfeeding is great which ever way it comes!

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