Tuesday, August 07, 2007

''Meesh'' for Cobey!

My breastfeeding journey isn’t one that’s too exciting… but my ideas of breastfeeding (in fact any form of child-rearing) have changed as both my son, Cobey, and I have grown.

Throughout my pregnancy I heard horror stories from all who thought I “needed to know” so I wouldn’t feel like a failure if I couldn’t do it. I was very blasé about breastfeeding really... ‘if it works, it works,’ I’d tell myself and 'if it doesn’t, well, there’s always formula!’

Just 6 weeks I said… I’d tough it out for six weeks, then start expressing or giving him a bottle of formula so that the husband, Chris, could feed him. I would be returning for work when he was 6 months old anyway – he would need to be weaned by then.

That magical 6 weeks came and went, I was actually selfishly enjoying the fact that I was the only one that could do this – everyone else could get him to sleep, change his nappy, push his stroller – and that his growth was something that I was doing, my self! I was so proud and decided to wait until 3 months before going down the bottle route.

Well, 3 months came and went, no incident, no discussion of bottle feeding, I started thinking about giving away those sachets of formula in the pantry – perhaps to someone with less support and help than I had.

Solids were soon introduced, just before he turned 6 months, and then it occurred to me – in just a couple of weeks I’d have to go back to work, Cobey had only taken a bottle of expressed milk a few times and I certainly hadn’t built up a ‘stash’ in the freezer! I hit panic stations and cried to a few online friends who, bless their souls, sent me electric breast pumps and well wishes! I was able to express enough to have a week's worth before starting work, then organised to pump twice a day at work.

I was lucky enough to have a boss who co-slept and breastfed her boys - while working – until they were three. Without her support I can’t guarantee that I’d be typing this right now. Our breastfeeding relationship didn’t skip a beat as I pumped one bottle a day for him (proudly letting out a “moo” as I entered the staff room with my thermos).

And now here we are, he’s now 12 months old and neither of us are showing any signs of stopping any time soon. I’m so proud of myself, my determination and my body knowing what to do to help my son grow into the little man he is today. I’m so thankful of all my friend and family for supporting me as we started, and continued on our breastfeeding journey. And also to my son, for walking over to me, pulling on my skirt and asking for his “M-Meesh!”

Nikki. (Nikki is married with one beautiful boy and she currently works and breastfeeds! The gorgeous photos on this page are of her feeding her son.)

Thanks Nikki for popping by to tell your story - it's lovely to hear of someone who's been practically supported in their choice.
If anyone else out there is working and still breastfeeding, I'd love to hear from you! Either comment or email me at info@breastfeedersanonymous.com - I'd love to publish more inspiring breastfeeding stories.

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