Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Having issues!

Just because I've written a book on breastfeeding doesn't mean I know everything about breastfeeding. Nor, unfortunately, does it mean I'm immune to breastfeeding 'issues'... in fact, right now, I'm having HUGE issues - at least the pain is huge - and I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions.

Lachlan (son #2, above) is 13 and a half months and still feeding a fair bit. He adores my bosoms and likes frequent contact, but he has sharp fangs and seems unable to separate eating with sucking. Hence my nipples are doing it tough at the moment and one in particular now has a huge split on it's side and (sorry TMI) is boasting puss.

1) Feeding is AGONY!
2) I'm not sure that Lach sucking the open wound is actually good for him.

So, I've been trying to feed less on my sore breast for a few days but Lach knows! And he wants that breast as well. He's not at all a happy chap about making do with one side, so my cut is needless to say, not getting any better.

Neither Lachlan or I are ready to wean just yet, but I'm really suffering here and if he continues to suck with his teeth (sharp ones), I fear the other breast is in danger of paper-cut-like damage as well. And, we all know how painful a paper cut can be.

So, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas??? Would muchly appreciate the help....

Now, onto business - I have some really exciting guest bloggers coming up over the next week or so, so be sure to keep popping back and let your breastfeeding buddies know too. And, please don''t forget to sign my party roll call by commenting on the last post!!



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Anonymous said...

I keep having trouble logging into my ID and had typed out twice yesterday a response to this only to have it vanish into the realms of cyberspace to be never seen again.

Going topless probably isn't an option for you is it - your little one is probaly like mine (see's boobie, wants boobie)! Perhaps try and put aloe vera gel or similiar on it to try and get it healing quicker.

Another option may be to have a long soak in a salty bath and submerging the breast.

I had some other ideas yesterday but cannot remember them - if I do I will be back ;-)


Rachael Blair said...

Thanks Om - seems to be just you and me chatting on here, but tis great to have you! Thanks for those suggestions... think I definately might try that bath...

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh Rach, it sounds so awful. I can clearly remember dreading each feed and digging my fingernails into the arm of the chair when my little one latched on, the pain was so bad.

Nipple shields may help (highly recommend giving them a try) but just watch they don't reduce your milk.
Or can you express into a bottle for a while? I know Lach loves his boobies but could you make it through a few days not feeding on that side at all? The salty water soaking sounds like a good idea as well.

Looks like you have a new Spanish friend above!!

Chris said...

My son is 19 months old and I've been having a similar issue for months now. It feels like I have a papercut inside my nipple. Just when I think I can't stand it anymore, it gets a little better--still painful, but not so bad that I can't stand it. Then I have days like today, when I refuse to let him nurse on that side. A lactation consultant I spoke with on the phone suggested it was some trauma--perhaps he bit me--though he has only bitten me a couple times ever and not for a long time. I keep saying I'll actually go to the clinic and have it looked at but do I make time to take care of myself? Nooooo...

Rachael Blair said...

Thanks Cait and Chris... I'm not sure Lach would go for a nipple shield at this stage in the game, but if it get's worse, I'll certainly try one.

At the moment, I'm doing what you are Chris and restricting feeds from the breast in question!