Saturday, August 25, 2007

Breastfeeding - it's inspirational!

'The Breastfeeder.'
Acrylic on Canvas.

This work was inspired by my own new experiences of early motherhood. Personally I encountered no difficulty at all breastfeeding, although I hesitate to use the word naturally as nothing in motherhood I believe comes naturally. Everything is encountered, experienced and then practised. Breastfeeding was a beautiful time for myself and my baby Anabelle. The work expresses the sense of spirituality gained through birth (hence the fish) and the serenity and quiet pleasure that I felt whilst breastfeeding my child.

The Artist - Jaime Bowers is now a mother of two beautiful girls. Originally from Kojonup and now living in Margaret River, she taught herself art and describes her styles as expressionistic with strong feminine themes. She's available for commission work and can be contacted on:

Thanks Jaime for letting us share your gorgeous pic of a mermaid breastfeeding her merbaby! I just love art that's inspired by breastfeeding.

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OM said...

What a great picture. Very talented.