Sunday, September 23, 2007

Something special...

Breastfeeding is special at every stage, at least I think so, but I think there's something magical about feeding beyond a year. It's a milestone that sadly many people don't ever reach and breastfeeding a little person is so very different to breastfeeding a tiny baby.

Little people decide when and where they want to breastfeed.
Little people ask for milk in the most wonderful ways - whether verbal or non-verbal, they get to the stage when they love milk so much and can't contain the excitment when it's on the menu.
Little people know that breastmilk can fix any injury or discomfort.

Despite Lachlan still sucking with his teeth a lot of the time (meaning I'm sometimes in pain while feeding), I'm absolutely adoring feeding him at the moment. We've sort of got our own feeding routine, but there's something so magical about breaking it. Generally he feeds early in the morning, once in the night, before naps and before bed, but occasionally, he'll sit in my lap and tap enthusiastically on my breasts, his eyes lighting up at the thought of what's to come... now, who can resist that???

It's enough to make me contemplate another - but shh... I didn't say that!

I'd love to hear about your experiences feedind an older baby or toddler. In my book there's a page about the different things toddlers call breastmilk, mine doesn't have a word for milk yet, but if yours does, please share...

Also, don't forget, I'm always on the lookout for photos or stories, or if you hear about a new breastfeeding product or see breastfeeding in the media, please let me know at

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Katie Gibb said...

Hey there

I found you through writing romances. I breastfed all three of my babies and am still breastfeeding my third who is 2yr 9 months. The first baby, weaned at 17 months because I "thought" that's what you were supposed to do. Second baby weaned herself at 14 months. Last baby doesn't show signs of stopping. So for now, we're good. It's the sweetest connection to know your body is nurturing & comforting your baby. I wish I hadn't "followed" the crowd and weaned the first so early. She really wasn't ready.