Saturday, September 01, 2007

Local Launch News!

Well, folks, apologies for the pause in blogging yesterday, but it was a BUSY one! I'd been up all night with two sick boys and then I had such a fun afternoon at my local book launch that I was just tooooooooooooooo knackered to come on and blog. But I was thinking of you all... and I so wished all of you could have been at the launch.

So, the lowdown.

The book launched was organised by three lovely friends of mine (Peta, Jen and Debbie), they organised people to bring plates of the most delicious food and we all sipped pink champagne (or juice for those pregnant and bf among us). My darling hubby who provided some of the mundane things (haha) like milk, sugar, dips, etc, was very thoughtful and even organised BRIGHT PINK serviettes to coordinate with the front cover of the book. And, the venue was simply beautiful too. Held at the Kodja Place in my local town, you can check it out online at

There were a number of dignitaries there, including the absolutely lovely Senator Judith Adams, who was so generous with ideas about how to get the book out there. My mate Peta introduced the arvo, welcoming everyone and telling them how we met three years ago (almost) on the ''boob couch'' at playgroup. She handed over to my other mate Jen (and also a contributor in the book), who spoke so many lovely words about Breastfeeders Anonymous. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life... ahhhh.

And then, I chatted for a few moments about the book, why I wrote it and what I hope it does.

So, all in all it was a great arvo.

Photo 1: Me signing books!

Photo 2: Jen, Peta and I doing our speaking bits'n'pieces

Photo 3:My baby boy playing on part of the Kodja Place display.

Photo 4: A view of part of the room and some of the attendees.


hewie said...

I am sure I speak on behalf of Jen and Debbie and say it was our great pleasure! And I must say I was impressed by the pink serviettes as well!!! So glad the photo is a dark one - I hate being on that side of the camera!! Glad it was a worthwhile exercise and a fun one at that! Now I can say the ebay queen has blogged!! Pete

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I hope your boys are feeling better today for Father's Day.


Barbara said...

What lovely photos! I particularly like the breastfeed youngster in the car!