Thursday, September 20, 2007

Making Breastfeeding Mamas Sexy...

My breastfeeding experience was pretty mild in comparison to what many mothers go through, but it was still very tough the first time around. I really do wish mothers could still stay in hospital for a good week after birth, in their own room, and were cared for by compassionate staff, that would be my dream. Going home on the day your child is born is atrocious.

Breastfeeding with my first child was ok for the first couple of days, but day 4 was torture. My breasts hurt so much and I’d cry when my baby was hungry because of the pain I knew I was about to feel. I almost gave up that day, but by the next day it was a tiny bit better, the next a little more. It still took till 6wks before the pain had completely gone.

If we were able to stay in hospital, this experience would’ve been a lot better as people should help you latch on and talk you through it all. I get really upset that a mother’s role in childbirth is undermined as not as important and major as it is. What a woman goes through is so tough, yet she is not cared for as a woman and appreciated for all that she has endured.

My 2nd child didn’t hurt anywhere near as much, a little scratching, but nothing major. I only was able to breastfeed until 10mths with both children, and I do feel sad that I couldn’t make the 1yr mark as I had wanted to. But then I realise we as women set goals sometimes and then feel like a failure for not reaching them. My two girls are wonderful and I need to learn to love the fact that I breastfed as long as I possibly could.

HOTmilk came about by me not being able to find any pretty or sexy breastfeeding lingerie, yet knowing that having that lingerie, something for me, would help brighten a tough day. I felt that everyone spoils the newborn baby, but very few people spoil the mum and appreciate all her hard work over the past 9mths, and that dreaded labour day. Being able to spoil new mums and help them to feel fabulous is what HOTmilk is all about. I get such joy reading emails we get from mums who are just so grateful, it feels like we’ve done a good deed and we’re very proud of that.

Thanks Lisa for sharing your breastfeeding story. Lisa, mum of two girls, is the brain child behind HOTmilk Lingerie. You can visit her website and learn more about the fab HOTmilk range at

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