Monday, September 17, 2007

Breast Buddies

Upon announcing my pregnancy I was met with "congrats we're so happy for you" and immediately after "so are you going to breast feed?" Hmmm was I? Why not? Being a first time mum I figured I'd give it a try. 9 months later we welcomed Julia into our lives, what an amazing time. She was such a good baby right from the get go so I figured we'd sail right through breast feeding with no trouble at all. Boy was I WRONG! Two weeks into it we were both frustrated and ready to give up and that is just what I did. I felt extremely guilty, especially when I would see other mums breastfeeding their babies. Why was it so easy for them? Why werent their babies fussing and losing interest.

A few years later I became pregnant with our second child. Again "congrats so happy for you" and then "so are you going to breast feed" This time I was determined! We wanted to stay as "natural" with things as we could (homemade baby food, baby wearing, co sleeping etc) 9 months later we welcomed our second daughter Fayth into the world. She seemed to have an easier time with feeding than Julia but yet again after a few months, she was fussy and uninterested. I didnt want to just give up this time so I went searching on the internet for information and ultimately a solution and boy did I find one! A nursing necklace! I didnt want to buy one so I made one myself...after a few "demos" I finally got it right. Fayth LOVED it, it was an immediate success! The necklace generated tons of interests from others and soon people were sharing their stories with me and asking me to make them one. I did so, here and there and then one day I thought hey why not make this a business? So I launched The Breast Buddy website and it was a hit right from the start. I have made this my life, my work and have never looked back!

Happy Breastfeeding can do it, let The Breast Buddy help you!
Thanks Dana for telling us all about your gorgeous necklaces... makes me wanna have another baby just so I can buy one. Hey, might just buy one anyway. You can order Breast Buddies at

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing a feature for The Breast Buddy! I would also like to add (if you want) that it helps ppl two fold...First helps moms with breastfeeding and second % of the profits go to bone marrow research to help those in need!