Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Precious Bundle

It's official! Really soon Breastfeeders Anonymous will be available in the UK. So, all those European contributors who've been holding off on getting yourself a copy... watch this space. I've just sealed the deal with Precious Bundle (http://www.preciousbundle.com/) for them to sell Breastfeeders Anonymous. They are an online store but as the book will be being sent from within the UK, postage will be far more do-able!

Sarah from Precious Bundle loved my blog so much that she's decided to start her own. She'll update her customers about new products and also include information that will be useful pregnant women and mums of young children. You can check out her blog at http://www.preciousbundle.blogspot.com/

My other HUGE news is that I've recently signed with book distributors Denis Jones and Associates. This means that soon Breastfeeders Anonymous will be available for bookshops to order. Hopefully they'll all stock up on a few copies, but even if you don't find it in stores, you will be able to ask them to order it in.

Finally, as tomorrow is Wednesday, I've decided to begin taking part in Wordless Wednesday (http://www.wordlesswednesday.com/) This basically means busy bloggers get a day of rest and the permission to simply post a photo/picture. I'm going to start featuring one breastfeeding photo, picture or cartoon each Wednesday. I'll post some of the pics from the book but would love to have some new photos to share, so if you have a photo, pic or cartoon you'd like to share about breastfeeding, please email it to info@breastfeedersanonymous.com

Well, I've chatted enough tonight, so till tomorrow...

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