Friday, June 15, 2007

Well folks, it's fairly quiet on the Breastfeeders Anonymous front at the moment as with the book gone, all major editing and rewriting is finito. I have been trying my best to send out Press Releases to magazines, newspapers, TV peeps but with two sick boys unable to go to their morning at daycare, this has been slightly difficult. But I'm pressing on. So far, I've heard from one major parenting magazine wanting a review copy, so that will (fingers crossed) go in the post today and a few other publications wanting to discuss possibilities.

In the mean time, I thought I'd leave you with an image of the spine! I absolutely love the spine of my book. Very classy, even if I do say so myself... so (assuming it works), here tis on the right of my post. Do let me know what you think!


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Beeeyootiful Rach! You should be really really proud.

Though what are beastfeeders! Just kidding, all spelling perfect!


Anonymous said...

Great work Rachel. I am really looking forward to the release and will be lining up for my copy!
Cheers, Funkychicken. xxx

Rachael Blair said...

Thanks Cait and Funkychicken for your comments - good to see someone is visiting. Haha!

Haylie (aka Mummy to Mason) said...

The book looks beautiful Rach! Well done, you should be so proud of yourself!
Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Rachael Blair said...


Thanks for checking out the blog and I really hope you enjoy the book and find it useful!