Saturday, June 23, 2007

All hail the contributors...

Yesterday I emailed all the people who had contributed stories or photos to the book or answered my survey on breastfeeding. I've been keeping them up to date on the progress of Breastfeeders Anonymous over the last few years and it felt awesome to be able to say IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!

In less than twenty-four hours, I've had zillions of emails from the gorgeous people sharing my excitment that something that both celebrates breastfeeding and helps new and prospective mums in a fun way is finally going to be OUT THERE!

So, I thought I'd take the opportunity today to post one phot that you'll find in the book and a couple of others that are just so beautiful but didn't make it because I had too many. Enjoy!

And, for those of you that are breastfeeding at the moment: TAKE PHOTOS of your own. To me, there is nothing more beautiful that a pic of a baby happily suckling away at the breast. If anyone has photos they'd be happy to share, please email me as I'm hoping to have loads of photos and more great stories posted on this blog during the launch party month of August.

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Eileen said...

Hey Rach, Eysie here.
God, to look at a picture of a babe breat feeding is so relaxing, one simply stops and is just mesmerised.
I think it is nature in its truest form. I am just sorry I never took a photo of my boys when I was feeding.

You asked what I liked about feeding, Rach I have to say with Jimi (No. 1) I was not so successful but with Oli, it was full on. Although Oli was a big eater and I had to eat a lot to keep up with him which meant I did not get into shape for a long time, it was worth it. The experience was very peaceful, I felt cocooned in a beautiful way, and with having a busy older child, breastfeeding enforced special time with Oli.

Congrats on the book, I am so proud for you, Craig and your mum.