Thursday, June 07, 2007


Hiya folks

Well, if you've found your way here, it's probably because you're a friend or have simply clicked that little button that says next blog, because I'm not giving this addie to the gorgeous general public as yet. But, I thought a few of you, who've known about my book for ages, might like to keep updated over the next few weeks as things really start to happen. So, where am I at?

Breastfeeders Anonymous, which began about two years ago has been all over the world with an agent looking for a publisher. We had little bites and a few requests for major changes, but in the end, we (that's Joy - my co-author - and I) decided that publishing the book independently would mean we got to hold onto our vision.

The book is currently in the final stages of proofing and layout and will hopefully be on its way to my lovely printers ( on Monday. At this stage, I suppose I should thank Mum for all her hard work on the layout, my new friends Jacqui and Peace for their cover designs, Davina and Fay for the cover photo, and Peta and Jen for their clever proofreading skills.

Anyway, I'm currently also trying to gather up some publicity and have put together a press release, which I'm sending out to mags, newspapers, etc. I'll post it below for those who'd like to know a bit more about the book!

Breastfeeders Anonymous – For women who want to breastfeed

Rachael Blair with FAQs by Lactation Consultant Joy Anderson
August 2007, Fontaine Press, RRP $28.95 inc GST

Breastfeeders Anonymous is a light-hearted, informative and easy-to-read book, perfect for new mums or pregnant women hoping to breastfeed. It is not a DIY Guide to Breastfeeding (although there is a chapter on the ‘Mechanics of Breastfeeding); it’s a support group in a book, in which a number of mums relate the good, bad and ugly of breastfeeding.

In addition to the personal stories, Breastfeeders Anonymous also includes:
*Information about issues relating to breastfeeding, specific types of breastfeeding and a chapter on breastfeeding problems.
*Frequently Asked Questions with answers by Lactation Consultant, Joy Anderson.
*A chapter on bottle feeding, which showcases the medical reasons why some women can’t breastfeed.
*A section on breastfeeding related issues such as dummies, sleep, guilt, weight loss and biting.
*A section entitled ‘The Poli-tits of Breastfeeding,’ which explores issues such as human milk banking, feminism, weaning and what men have to do with breastfeeding.
*An overview of the history, culture and politics of breastfeeding over the last five hundred years.
*A section exploring the mechanics of breastfeeding, which also includes resources such as infant weight charts; recommended books, websites and equipment, and contact details for mothering organizations.
*Beautiful breastfeeding photos.
*28 breastfeeding myths busted.

So, if any of you have any media or marketing ideas, please let me know.

Over the next few weeks, I'll keep you up to date on what's happening with publication and in August, I'll run a month long Launch Party on the blog.


Bruce said...

I haven't ever breast fed but I could do like a hands on approach. Good luck with this, it looks smart, useful and fun.

Rachael Blair said...

Yay - my first comment! Thanks heaps Bruce!

Mich said...

The book sounds awesome, can't wait to get myself a copy!

Nix said...

What a great idea! I really want to breastfeed longer with my second bub and will be keeping an eye out for this book xxx

Jen said...

You are so clever Rachael Blair. You're writing style is immaculate and simply flows through the mind without effort as you read. Well done for writing this book, your ideas will help and inspire so many soon-to -be mums, or current mums.

Fiona Lowe said...

That's fabulous news! I breastfeed both boys for three years each and was a lactation consultant. The more info out there about breastfeeding the better to combat the western 'unhelpful' advice of 'perhaps he'll stop crying if you give a bottle.!!'

I wish you many sales.

Anonymous said...

craig's mum here

clever girl!!!

started my usual blah blah not knowing when to stop kind of comment, so deleted and will email

thumbs up and onya with one eye closed

Jayne said...

Like your site very informative will help like me mums to carry on breast feeding like i did with my son James